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Bate-papo com convidados

BATE-PAPO COM Anônimo - 21/03/2000 às 19h00

Anônimo, hacker e escritor

Anônimo é hacker e autor do livro "Segurança Máxima" e participou do bate-papo diretamente dos EUA para a Security Forum´2000 e conversou sobre segurança na internet

(19:10:09) GaTeWaY : hummmm

(19:10:38) Travel : Pessoal da sala, vendo pelo telão... paciencia...

(19:10:51) Moderador UOL : Caros, como bom hacker, o "Anônimo" deve entrarcom o nick "Anomymous". Isto é, se ele não atacar e derrubar a sala antes.

(19:11:32) GaTeWaY : so what's up.... are you there?

(19:12:35) Fernando Montenegro - HP : In the meantime, does anyone knowany jokes? :-)

(19:12:56) GaTeWaY : maybe he's the joke!

(19:12:57) Travel :

(19:13:16) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies fala para Anonymous:rlogin -l -froot hostname

(19:14:02) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] : shutdown -r now

(19:14:21) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] : :)

(19:14:23) Marcos - : Bahhh... rm -rf /

(19:14:24) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies : C4n y0u talk w1th us ?????

(19:14:36) Helio : kill -9 all

(19:15:29) Travel : Alguém tem uma piada prá contar?

(19:15:32) Moderador UOL : Caros, a organização do evento no Brasil estáentrando em contato com o "Anônimo". Pedimos desculpas pelo atraso e continuamosaguardando posicionamento do Security Forum 2000. Obrigado.

(19:15:42) Anonymous : Por favor, mediador! Eu envia a minha mensagem, eunão sou o convidado!

(19:15:51) GaTeWaY : src="http://nonono">

(19:16:10) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies : iishack -s

(19:16:26) Travel : Anonymous, vocÊ poderia sair desse login e voltar comoutro (ou pressiona ctrl alt del e clica na opção "change name" eheh

(19:16:34) VITRINE pergunta para Fernando Montenegro - HP: Vc, poracaso, eh o Silveira, ex/Nutec ...interrogacao...

(19:16:43) LOBA : hacker que se preza nao pode se atrasar...senao é rastreado....onde ele está?

(19:17:29) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para VITRINE: Sim.

(19:17:30) GaTeWaY : Guilherme????? sonte????

(19:17:42) GaTeWaY : Stone?

(19:17:42) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies : telnet www.hacker.furao.com25 / EHLO / data from: / rcpt to: / data / quit

(19:17:53) Marcos - : Este hacker eh REALMENTE anonimo!!

(19:18:33) Bilbao : E hacker ou agente secreto esse gajo?

(19:18:34) VITRINE fala para Fernando Montenegro - HP: Trabalhamos,digamos, juntos quando da criacao do Zaz. Eu era o editor de SPaulo, antesde CSevero...severo

(19:18:44) anonymous2 : Hello,folks...apparently, the code for this chatroomm doesn't work in Linux 2.0(Mandrake) with Netscape 4.06

(19:18:45) Fernando Montenegro - HP : Descobri! Isso eh um ataquede DoS nos participantes... :-)

(19:18:53) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] : Daremos 48h para o Hacker aparecer,caso contrario estaremos dando por terminado o chat,... :) Tenham calma

(19:19:06) anonymous2 : Sorry,I had to switch to a Windows machine.

(19:19:13) Moderador UOL : We would like to thank Anonymous forhis participation in UOL's Chat Canal (Bate-papo do UOL), and also extendour best wishes to all participants in the Security Forum 2000. Have a nicechat.

(19:19:31) anonymous2 : So, what'shappening?

(19:19:37) Travel fala para anonymous2: Welcome to the Securityforum 2000

(19:19:45) GaTeWaY : so what's up man?

(19:19:53) Denise : Hello "Anonymous. How are you? I understand there areGOODS and BAD hackers, which class do you belong?

(19:19:53) LOBA fala para anonymous2: hello

(19:19:55) VITRINE fala para Anonymous: Hi. What do you think aboutNASA restrictions to brazilian netsurfers...

(19:20:31) Moderador UOL : Caros, este bate-papo será transmitido apenasem inglês. Obrigado.

(19:20:39) Travel fala para anonymous2: and congratulations for yourbook. It's translated to portuguese now...

(19:20:40) Stryker : Welcome hack...!!!

(19:20:41) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] fala para anonymous2: Hi, Anonymous2.What is the best measure in order to avoid DoS attacks, since there's novisible patterns most of time ?

(19:20:43) Helio : Windows? Does it itch?e you a

(19:20:57) GaTeWaY : I wish you don't stop hacking... in order to keep ourjobs!

(19:21:35) anonymous2 : NASA'srestrictions are lame. If NASA can't protect it's own machines, that's NASA'aproblem.

(19:21:36) Travel fala para anonymous2: Could you tell usa little about your job today?

(19:21:44) Moderador UOL : Caros, respeitem a ordem das perguntas paranão sobrecarregar nosso convidado. Obrigado.

(19:21:56) LOBA fala para anonymous2: Do you think brasilian hackerswill get into troble this year?

(19:22:22) anonymous2 : DOS attackssometimes have obsrvable patterns. The bad ones are where two or more hackerswork in concert from different machines. Stephen Northcutt writes some excellentmaterial on how to ascertain "slowpoke" attacks.

(19:22:30) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous2:How do you compare Brazilian hackers to the rest of the world. Accordingto attrition, .br hacks represent over 4.5324f all defacements they registered.

(19:22:41) anonymous2 : My job?Hahahaha. I do security for a B2B's very large.

(19:23:01) anonymous2 :Brazillian hackers kick booty.

(19:23:24) Travel fala para anonymous2: What is your majorconcern about security today as a ?

(19:23:29) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous2: Stephen'smaterial is great, but how do you see that applied to the regular businessorganization? Not all of us have DoD resources...

(19:23:30) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies fala para anonymous2:Can you compare the UNIX flavors, in terms of security vulnerabilities ?

(19:23:36) anonymous2 : Attritionis a pretty radical crowd, yes?

(19:23:44) Bilbao : What do you think about NSA policies about Cryptography

(19:23:55) anonymous2 : Fernando:you're qquite right. :-)

(19:24:10) anonymous2 :Andre: OpenBDS is the ticket.

(19:24:27) VITRINE fala para anonymous2: In the last months,brazilian hackers went to the first pages of the global news. Do they haveto be taken seriuosly...

(19:24:32) GaTeWaY : what can you tell us about WindowsNT security????

(19:24:42) anonymous2 : My majorconcern about security is that it will force biometric authentication onus all.

(19:25:14) anonymous2 :NSA is behind the times. I think that at this stage, NSA folkks realizethat strong encryption exists for all and this, I think, worries them verymuch.

(19:25:26) Travel fala para anonymous2: and could you tellme why is that?

(19:25:30) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] fala para anonymous2: Firewallsby themselves and even IDS without correct policies and incident responsebase is useless.How common are ss in yo experience in wich beside te factat there is a firewall and other classic measures that by misuse or badconfiguration were ot enough to stop an attack ?

(19:25:56) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous2: The problemwith bio is that it generates a reusable hash. Is there anything like OTPfor bio???

(19:25:57) anonymous2 : VITRINE:Brazillian hackers are very good. However, the tendency of the new mediahere is tio focus on American hackers. I think that's changing now.

(19:26:37) anonymous2 :GaTeWaY: NT security is improving, but they still have some problems. (Ijust got 2000 and it seems very interesting. A lot of VPBN support and such.)

(19:26:38) Travel : What's the concern about biometric auth????

(19:26:44) Helio : do you know any good brazilian hackers worth mentioning?

(19:27:29) anonymous2 : HITECH:I would estimate that this situation arises about 40403f the time. The problemis that "canned" firewalls and IDS can never supplement good, basic knowledgerabout network security and how networks communicate.

(19:27:32) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para Travel: If youcan reuse the password, that's BAD... And even with bio fingerprint will,at some point, generate the same hash...

(19:27:39) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies : Tell us the cool toolsfor hack into systems that you like most ?

(19:27:46) Marcos - fala para anonymous2: In praticalterms, what's the vulnerability #1 founded in your B2B job?

(19:27:57) Anonymous : Did you know that the objective of the Brazilianhackers is the site of the American army?

(19:28:35) Travel fala para anonymous2: I'm talking about LOCAL authentication.

(19:29:41) Bilbao : What do you think about backdoors in MSWindows or othercommercial systens that uses cryptography like Lotus Notes and NSA?

(19:29:43) Travel fala para anonymous2: Are you there?

(19:29:45) anonymous2 : Travel:too intrusive and prone to government abuse. If you're a bible-reading character,think Orwell and 666.

(19:29:47) FreeKevin fala para anonymous2: where are you scobby?

(19:30:17) anonymous3 : Sorry- lost the connection..

(19:30:33) Travel fala para anonymous2: George Orwell andthe Big Brother?

(19:31:02) Moderador UOL : Caros, lembrando que este bate-papo está sendotransmitido apenas em inglês. Obrigado.

(19:31:03) Travel fala para anonymous3: George Orwell and Big Brother?

(19:31:08) Marcos - : Mr. Hacker, in pratical terms, what'sthe vulnerability #1 founded in your B2B job?

(19:32:04) Helio fala para anonymous2: Dont you think the press mistifiesa lot about hackers?

(19:32:05) VITRINE pergunta para anonymous2: Did you get lots ofmoney wiz yo book...

(19:32:05) anonymous4 : Sorry-- we lost the connection here.

(19:32:13) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies : You seem not tolike biometrics. which technology would you use for strong authentication? what do you think about tokens ?

(19:32:21) LOBA : Have you been a hacker in the past?

(19:32:29) FreeKevin : What do you think about quantic cryptography? I 'veread that NSA is developing a serious project about this major.

(19:32:31) Travel fala para anonymous3: What are the major problemsthat companies will have in the next time? Do you think that is relatedwith @busines or @commerce?

(19:32:39) Marcos - : "we" ?

(19:32:51) anonymous4 : VITRINE:books don't make a lot of money. If you're thinking of writing one, I'dsay that you should do it for fun, not for money. The average coomputerbook sells about 10,000 copoies.

(19:33:01) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4:Now that cable/xDSL is upon us, do you see ISP's security staff improving?

(19:33:11) Moderador UOL : Caros, por favor, respeitem a ordem das perguntaspara não sobrecarregar nosso convidado. Obrigado.

(19:33:48) anonymous4 : Andre:unfortunately, biometric auth is probably the best available. I simply thinkthat we need many controls on it. Without them, there's room for much abuse.(Simple example: retinal scans can reveal sensitive medical information,such as HIV infection.)

(19:34:16) anonymous4 :LOBA: yes, indeed. Nowadays, though, I work strictly on corporate stuff,for a paycheck.

(19:34:32) VITRINE : People here say that hackers are just teenagerswithout nothing better to do than try to have some fun bugging some. Doyou agree wiz that...

(19:34:54) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] fala para anonymous3: Free InternetAccess has just arrived to Brazil. People are logging with the same nameand password. How do you think this security issue will affect s ?

(19:35:10) Travel fala para anonymous4: What are your favorite toolsto detect vulnerabilities in environments?

(19:35:13) anonymous4 : Fernando:I sure hope so. Cable, in particular, is widespread here, and demands alot more security.

(19:35:32) anonymous4 :VITRINE: sometimes. :-)

(19:35:55) VITRINE fala para anonymous4: Talking about privacy,what is your opinion about computer

(19:36:24) anonymous4 : HITECH:free INternet access means more folks without security experience. Thiswill probably result in some personal machines getting hacked, of course.But overall, Internet access is vital. Those who have it will flourish andbe well educated; those who don't wont.

(19:36:24) Andre Diamand - Future Technologies fala para anonymous4:In your opinion, which are the best hacking tools ?

(19:36:52) Travel : Vitrine, and the press has the responsability to informto people what's going on in fact, because we know what Globo and othercompanies are doing.

(19:36:52) anonymous4 : Andre:the ones you write your This way, you know the principles behind the work,the code itself, and so on.

(19:36:59) Soulflyer : And the Napster, is security?

(19:37:28) Marcos - : VITRINE: "hackers are just teenagers"is a movie... this guy won some money with this job!

(19:37:46) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] fala para anonymous4: Some peoplesay that the long term solution is provide some security and control tothe desk Is this a good solution ?

(19:37:46) anonymous4 : Travel:depends on the nenvironment, I suppose. Probably your best tools are a debuggerand a lot of patience. :-)

(19:38:13) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] fala para anonymous4:Some people say that the long term solution is provide some security andcontrol to the desk Is this a good solution ?

(19:38:15) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para VITRINE: An the website for the movie was hacked... :-)

(19:38:28) Travel fala para anonymous4: So, what are you lookingfor first?

(19:38:49) Travel fala para anonymous4: So, what are you lookingfor first?

(19:39:06) Bilbao : What is you opinion about IDS shadow? Is it secure?

(19:39:27) VITRINE fala para Marcos - Talvez vocenao tenha entendido minha pergunta, colega...

(19:39:40) anonymous4 : TRavel:the first thing to look for is pooor password procedures. When I say "procedures,"I mean wghere and how the passwords are stored. 99510f the time, private,proprietary solutions end up doing something REALLY stupid, like storingpoasswords on a client end instead of server end.

(19:39:53) FreeKevin : What's your a

(19:39:59) VITRINE fala para Fernando Montenegro - HP: Talvez vcnao tenha entendido minha pergunta, colega...

(19:40:22) FreeKevin : What do you think about Echelon?

(19:40:47) Travel fala para anonymous4: Do you think that Strongpassword policy is a good guide?

(19:40:55) Marcos - fala para VITRINE: I don't thinkso... sorry!

(19:40:57) anonymous4 : Bilbao:Shadow? I haven't really used the shadow project tools too much but I remembersome interesting vcomments made by Marcus Ranum about it. It seems well-desiogned,but I reallly should use it more before making an opinion.

(19:41:29) Travel fala para anonymous4: So what is the lastthink? The less important in your opinion

(19:41:38) anonymous4 : FreeKevin:Echelon exist, is ewhat I think, and that's plenty enough warning. It'snot colol, but that's the world we live in. Use encryption.

(19:42:37) anonymous4 :TRavel: strong password policy is certainly one element. However, even ifthe passwords are properly generated and stored, humans screw everythingup. It's incredibly difficult to enforce good passwqord practices in a largeenterprise. There's a slippage factor and it grows incrementally over time.

(19:43:07) [HITECH - Helio Cordeiro] fala para anonymous4:In your opinion, what could be the best protection against DDoS ?

(19:43:25) Marcos - fala para anonymous4: We waitingfor you reply: In pratical terms, what's the vulnerability #1 founded inyour B2B job?

(19:43:33) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4: Given yourexperience in B2B, how do you rate security between the partners (SSL, firewalls,..)?

(19:43:59) Travel fala para anonymous4: Besides password, what areyou looking for get in some environment? Modemns and so on?

(19:44:05) anonymous4 : Travel:least important? Relying on third-part audits, like WebTrust and such. Theseprograms, while useful for liability purposes (and insurance) are probablyless useful in the very practiucal sense. They costs thousands, take a longtime, and may not necessariloy guarantee security. A shield doesn't makea security network and neither does professionals signing off. It's a falasesense of security.

(19:44:23) VITRINE pergunta para anonymous4: Tons of cheesecompanies made lots of money providing solutions for Y2K bug. Now, everyis talking about security. So, its gonna happen again... companies sellingsolutions and making money...

(19:45:13) anonymous4 : HITECH:that's difficult to know. DOS often accesses legitiate services on legitimateports in an initially legitimate way. Therefroe, screening for certain DOSattacks is very difficult. I suppose the best cure is to constantly remaineupdated on DOS developments and apply filters and such as needed. It's realltya big problem and not likely to go away any time soon.

(19:46:15) Helio fala para anonymous4: Is DoS such a big problemor something we'll have to learn to live with, like power outages?ave

(19:46:20) Travel : Vitrine, we Y2K was a fact, and security too. I don'tthing that is there any doubt about the big issues in Internet.

(19:46:26) anonymous4 : Fernando:that's a dangerous question, brother. :-) Especially since I work in B2B.I would say, though, that there will soion come a time where security ofB2B elements (data elements, that is) may be moot. Much of the data elementswill be encapsulated in XNML, obviating the need for hiding them behindwalls.

(19:47:57) anonymous4 :Marcos: the #1 vulnerability? Probably armoring the data during transmission.For example, soon, all products and services will be automativcally encodedwith UNSPSC codes during transmission. This will occur en route. The processis from a VISA terminal, to a UNSPSC server, to the bank. Along that route,there are many pitfalls. Right now, B2B is all about automating things,which necessarily requires transmitting low-level data.

(19:48:51) Travel fala para anonymous4: How long have youbeen working with security?

(19:48:56) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4: But whilethe data my presented in XML, the business logic will still need to be calledremotely (RMI?). In your opinion, how secure are current appserver environments?

(19:49:03) anonymous4 : Heloi:DOS is a BIIIGGG problem. It's all about money now. IMagine being down througha Christmas season. That could be thousands - or even millions - of lostdollars. It doesn't matter if your enterprise is mostly brick-and0-mortar,but what if it isn't?

(19:49:16) anonymous4 :Travel: since 1992.

(19:49:27) VITRINE fala para Travel: For shure. Security isa HUGE issue. But lots of companies sold fake solutions for the Y2K. Thatsa fact too...

(19:50:25) anonymous4 : Fernando:on that end, perhaps not many. However, the data may not necessarily needto be called, as you say. There's another way, but unfortunately, I've signedNDas, so I can't explain. :-) Hehehe. Watvch the B2B market in six monthsand you'll see what I mean. For now, though...that's a trade secret. :-(

(19:50:59) anonymous4 :Travel: good hunting! Take care.

(19:51:44) Helio fala para anonymous4: If it's all about money,I would love to have an honest estimate of money lost to DoS attacks. Ireally don't think that would amount to much, at least not to all the fu

(19:51:57) anonimous : how old r u ?

(19:52:04) Bilbao : DOS as rehearsal of infowar?

(19:52:23) Marcos - fala para anonymous4: You areonly a "tools hacker guy" (that is what I see) or a professional, with aheavy security policy in mind?

(19:52:46) Squall : Have you ever hacked some big company?

(19:53:01) anonymous4 : HITECH:no, I don't know about a fashion, really. I think that DOS can be legitimatelyvery dangerous. Of course, we haven't yet used the Net for critical things- things that lives depend on - but we will. And at that point, DOS nmustend.

(19:53:09) Anonymous : We will try hacking UOL ! !

(19:53:13) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4: Do yousee much HTTP tunneling in hacked environments as a covert channel for remotecontrol?

(19:53:25) anonymous4 : Squall:yup. Unfortunately.

(19:53:57) anonymous4 :Ferndano: I haven;t, ghave you?

(19:54:12) Bilbao : Do you know of backdoors in Microsoft Windows?

(19:54:22) anonimous : why unfortunately?

(19:54:35) anonymous4 : You know,this chat deal is very strange. The window I'm looking at, I can't see whatI'm typing, hence all the errors. I've very sorry about that!

(19:54:37) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4:Not really, but the potential is there.

(19:55:06) anonymous4 : Why unfortunately?Well...if you get caught, it costs you.

(19:55:20) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4:Try maximing the window and refreshing (Alt-R on Netscape 4.x))

(19:55:27) anonymous4 : Fernando:I agree.

(19:55:29) Anonymous : Linux is the best operation system for hackers!

(19:55:54) Moderador UOL : Caros, temos mais 10 minutos de papo. Obrigado.** This chat ends in 10 minutes. Thank you.

(19:56:25) anonymous4 : Linuxis very cool. I have a nice new Dell that runs Linux - factory installed,with a RAID, front load. It's awesome.

(19:56:36) artagão@háhá : WHAT should MAKE to BE A HACKER?

(19:57:16) Bilbao : Do you know about backdoors in MSWindows?

(19:57:35) anonymous4 : Bilbao:yeah...ask Compaq. :-) Real backdoors, though...depends on the distribution.If you're talking about intentional backdoors from M$, that would be hardto say. There's a fine line between prtoviding functionality and creatingback doors.

(19:58:00) anonymous4 :artago: discipline, commitment, and ppateince. Lotsa work!

(19:58:33) Moderador UOL fala para anonymous4: How canbrazilians buy your book?

(19:58:37) baby : Please, 3 tips to be a hacker

(19:58:42) anonymous4 : artagao:read the manuals, do the work, study at least one network programming language,etc. Mostly work.

(19:58:55) anonymous4 :Baby: see my last message. :-)

(19:59:06) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4:Marcus Ranum one said he did't know how to hack into a system, since henever did any active hacking. Have you had experience in both sides: asan attacker and as a sysadmin?

(19:59:18) Marcos - grita com anonymous4:Dear "hacker", I'm leaving now. Visit our website in try to learn (or hack?!) something! PS. The information is in portuguese.;-) Thank you! Bye...

(19:59:27) anonymous4 : Moderator:you know, I really can't answerr that. Amazon, I guess. But if you're goingto get one of my books, get Maximum Linux Security. It's prettyy good.

(19:59:32) Anonymous : The problem is that Linux is a little complicatedand doent´s have a lot of support.

(19:59:42) blade runner : You said you work for an established company fora pay check. Since there are people in the street that can recognize you,why did you decide to remain anonymous? Why don't you reveal yourself tothe world? Dou you have debts to the law?

(19:59:48) anonymous4 : Marcos:cool, I will.

(20:00:17) Marcos - : ;-))

(20:00:30) anonymous4 : Linuxdoesn't have support, but that's changing. Also, s are becoming more skillednow, and therefore, there's less worry about that. But you're right...Linuxneeds better support and prehaps a less rigirous release schedule.

(20:00:31) Moderador UOL fala para anonymous4: OK. thank you.

(20:00:44) anonimous : can u talk about the dvd question?

(20:00:57) anonymous4 : Bladerunner: because my criminal record probably would have hurt sales of thebook. My rap sheet looks daunting.

(20:01:21) anonymous4 :On DVD: f*ck the MPAA, that's my stance.

(20:01:42) anonymous4 :How dare the MPAA do what tyhey did. It's absurd.

(20:01:43) Helio fala para anonymous4: Have you got an emailaddress you read and are willing to disclose?

(20:02:10) anonymous4 : Helio:sure:

(20:02:32) Helio : txs a lot ;)

(20:02:42) baby : Is Mac OS more dificult for hackers?

(20:02:45) Fernando Montenegro - HP fala para anonymous4: I'm outtahere. Thanks for your input, W. EOF.

(20:02:56) anonymous4 : Helio:no sweat. Talk to you there. :-)

(20:03:22) anonymous4 :Baby: I personally dig MacOS,. (I'm waiting for an Ibook here that supportsOS X)

(20:03:39) anonymous4 :Fernando: good talking with ya.

(20:03:57) gata : Max, why don`t you say tour name, our show yourface?

(20:04:28) Helio : bye seeya (26)

(20:04:42) Moderador UOL : Caros, Anônimo indica para quemquiser comprar seus livros, em especial Maximum Linux Security. No entanto,"Segurança Máxima" já está disponível em português. visitem o site da editoraCampus

(20:04:56) Moderador UOL : Caros, temos mais 5 minutos de papo. Obrigado.** This chat ends in 5 minutes. Thank you.

(20:04:59) anonymous4 : gata:I think Macmillan would probably chop my head off if I did that. But I'mout there. In six months, you'll know who I am. Look to the emerging B2Bcompanies. I'm in there.

(20:05:39) Lord of Dungeon : What do you think about governmentstrying to rule Internet? Is it possible?

(20:06:10) anonymous4 : Lofd:no. They're smoking drugs. The INternet is too vast and too free. They cannever control it.

(20:07:17) Squall : How did you learn everything you know today?Did you start reading books, or maybe someone taught you.. ya know, itsdifficult when you are a begginer. Kinda there is no place to gather information

(20:07:26) Bilbao : Is DOS rehearsal for infowar?

(20:07:36) anonymous4 : balderunner: I missed your earlier question. No, no debts to the law now.

(20:08:24) anonymous4 :Squall: a lot of reading, testing, coding...the best way to learn is toroll your sleeve up and get busy. No one will teach you, because thingsmove too fast out there. You have to search out the knowledge, apply it,and see what happens.

(20:08:46) anonymous4 :Bilbao: yes, many military agencies look at it that way.

(20:08:57) Moderador UOL : We would like to thank Anonymous forhis participation in UOL's Chat Canal (Bate-papo do UOL). *** O UOL agradecea presença do Hacker Anônimo no Bate-papo. Boa noite a todos.

(20:09:53) anonymous4 : Squall:try

(20:10:04) Leandro : thanks HACKER

(20:10:15) Squall : thanks alot!

(20:10:23) anonymous4 : Moderator:thank you!

(20:10:53) anonymous4 :Leando: thank you for joining! It's great to see so many folks in Brazilinterested in security!

(20:11:08) Rodrigo Pittae Daniel Ribeiro : teste

(20:11:19) Leandro : return more times in here !!!!!

(20:11:28) anonymous4 : Well,I better blow out of here. You folks take care of yourselves. It's beena real pleasure.

(20:11:49) anonymous4 :Leando: I will. Maybe this weekend, I'll hang out a while.

(20:12:47) Rodrigo Pittae Daniel Ribeiro : moderador, não estou lendo na tela as mensagens enviadasa vc reservadamente

(20:15:47) Moderador UOL : O UOL agradece a presença de Rodrigoe Daniel, autor e diretor musical da peça "Cazas de Cazuza", respectivamente.Bom papo a todos.
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